America’s most trusted and experienced recycling company

When you’ve been around for over a century, you know the difference between quick opportunistic profits and long-term financial success.

Our vision

To DJJ, it’s about recycling one of the world’s most reusable materials, while conserving our precious natural resources in the process.

It’s also about understanding that our long-term mission can only be achieved by maintaining longstanding relationships. We manage our steadfast business by creating a culture where people choose life-long careers and business partnerships span generations.

Our profile and portfolio of services

The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ), a global leader in scrap metal recycling, operates 11 domestic and 1 international (Hong Kong) offices, which deal routinely with several thousand domestic and international producers and consumers of scrap and scrap substitutes.

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DJJ’s Brokerage and Services Group operates 11 domestic brokerage offices plus an office in Hong Kong.

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DJJ’s Recycling Group is organized into six regional companies, operating 63 facilities including 18 automobile shredders. DJJ operates a dozen self-serve auto parts stores called U-Pull-&-Pay.

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DJJ offers customers access to a fleet of nearly 2,200 railcars.  We also offer railcar sales & leasing, maintaining third party fleets, inspection, engineering, dismantling and reclaiming railcar parts.

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Industrial scrap

DJJ maximizes scrap revenue for industrial plants by customizing scrap management programs and providing mill direct shipments. 

A network of over

U.S. recycling facilities

These facilities are able to process over

tons of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap annually