How ferrous brokerage should be done

From the smallest foundries to the largest steelmakers, the world’s most successful scrap consumers trust us to provide their scrap metal for their operations.

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At your side, wherever you are

We are the largest scrap broker in North America, operating 11 ferrous brokerage offices.

Our teammates continuously seek to create market opportunities for our clients.

At every office, our experienced brokers receive up-to-the-minute data on who is buying or selling scrap, what kind, where and for how much.

Our unrivaled communications network gives DJJ brokers real-time price quotes, scrap availability and over

active freight rates.

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We use all our brokerage and transportation know-how to successfully move recycled metal throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, CIS/Russia, Asia, South Africa, and beyond.

Our growing network of suppliers includes everyone from small, family-owned recyclers to large global corporations. We’re meeting with suppliers and consumers, gathering information, building relationships, and making powerful decisions.

What scrap can become

The recycled scrap we supply is melted into flat-rolled steel for automobiles, rebar for roadways, structural steel beams for construction, and more.

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