Going green

DJJ is a scrap metal reycling leader, with 6 regional companies covering the U.S. with over 60 recycling facilities.

Only thing better than recycling: reusing

Perhaps the only thing more environmentally friendly than recycling is reusing our valuable resources, which is exactly what we do at our self-serve used auto component stores.

6 regional companies, over 60 recycling facilities

6 regional companies across the U.S. with the capacity to sort and recycle over 5 million tons of ferrous and nonferrous scrap annually.

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Advantage Metals Recycling

Operates 10 recycling facilities in Kansas and Missouri

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Metal Recycling Services

Operates 3 recycling facilities in North Carolina

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River Metals Recycling

Operates 17 recycling facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia

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Texas Port Recycling

Operates 4 recycling facilities in Texas

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Trademark Metals Recycling

Operates 22 recycling facilities in Florida

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Western Metals Recycling

Operates 6 recycling facilities in Colorado, Nevada and Utah

Self-Serve Used Auto Part Stores

At one of U-Pull-&-Pay’s 12 locations, customers can choose the parts they need from rows of well-inventoried used cars. More money stays in their pockets while scrap stays out of landfills.

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With thousands of second-hand car parts to choose from, you’ll find what you need. Visit U-Pull-&-Pay’s website for store locations, hours, vehicle inventory, part prices, and more.

Helping the environment, one scrap yard at a time

At our vast network of recycling facilities, cars are crushed, shredded and prepared to be transformed into new steel, all while using far less energy – and releasing far fewer emissions – than producing steel from ore.  It’s how we’re making both old and new cars better for the environment and how we’re scrapping expectations of what a scrap company can do…and be.

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