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DJJ offers internships and co-op positions throughout the U.S. at our corporate and brokerage offices, or with our regional recycling facilities. During fall, spring, and summer terms, both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to experience what it is like to work for a global industry leader.

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Learn more about what it is like to work for a global leader in the scrap metal industry.

KenzieMoore » June 30, 2020

Meet Kenzie

Brokerage Representative, Former Intern

“The intern program at DJJ is purposeful and well thought out.  You spend your time meeting professionals throughout the industry and learn about their daily operations within their role.  Transitioning to full-time was seamless because of my past exposure and relationships I was able to form during the internship.”

intern in uniform » June 30, 2020

Meet Anthony

Safety Intern & USAF Member

“Interning at DJJ has been a great work experience thus far! It’s rare to find a company so involved with employee safety and relations as DJJ.

intern testimonial e1602275379454 » June 30, 2020

Meet Sheffi

Software Engineer Co-Op

Walking into DJJ, I did not know what to expect as a co-op. After working for around 6 months at the company, I think I can easily say I had the most amazing experience. Not only was everyone around me in the office, very helpful and welcoming; I instantly felt like I belonged there. I got to learn so much from my team and truly gained the practical experience that I could have never gotten through classes. I could easily see now why so many people stay at DJJ for years!!

brokerage intern » June 30, 2020

Meet Cullen

Non-Ferrous Metals Broker, Former Intern

“My time as an Intern with the DJJ Metals Group was extremely rewarding for a number of reasons. Not only did I get to learn about the interesting industry that is scrap metal, but I also had the opportunity to meet some great people through the process. The combination of being surrounded by great coworkers and learning about the industry, made it a one of a kind internship experience. I am pleased to continue to work for a great company full-time after the internship.”

recycling co op » June 30, 2020

Meet Dianne

Mechanical Engineering Intern

This company has been so welcoming, so encouraging, so willing to help me learn. I never expected to be in the metals recycling business. I never expected to be doing this kind of work, but I am so grateful for the time I have spent and will spend, because I’m learning lessons I wouldn’t have learned in other internships.”

Cybersecurity Intern » June 30, 2020

Meet Andrew

Cybersecurity Intern

“The culture at DJJ was extraordinary and I felt very welcomed from the beginning! As an intern I was treated just like everyone else and given projects and opportunities that provided valuable experience.”

information technology intern » June 30, 2020

Meet Tosha

Business Intelligence Intern

“DJJ was the first company I co-oped for after starting college, and the experience really set the stage for me to achieve my career goals. My manager, Tim Andrews, frequently provided feedback and discussed my interests to assign me relevant projects. This really concretized which part of the tech industry I want to be a part of.”

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