Our recycling locations remain open. The safety and well-being of our teammates and customers is our top priority. Click for more COVID-19 updates.

Safety: a core value

The goal of our safety process is to maintain a safe and healthful workplace, free of injuries and illnesses. DJJ’s strategy to achieve this goal is based on a safety culture that empowers every teammate to take ownership of the safety practices in their work areas.

10 safety building blocks

Our robust safety and health process is organized into 10 “Safety Building Blocks”

Policies and procedures

Developing policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as to address potential hazards specific to our work processes.

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Orienting and mentoring new teammates

Orienting and mentoring new teammates ensures they understand our safety culture and have the knowledge needed to safely perform their jobs.

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Training and education

Ongoing training and education for teammates to understand safe work principles and apply the knowledge to their job responsibilities.


Proactive risk reduction

Audits, inspections, hazard recognition and control are cornerstones to actively identify and correct hazards, proactively reducing risks throughout our operations.


Properly maintaining tools and equipment to safely complete many of the jobs in our operations.

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Eye on safety

Eye on Safety is DJJ’s tool to promote safe work practices by improving teammate behaviors on the job. This involves consistent observation, coaching and feedback to reinforce expectations.

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Active teammate participation is paramount to the success of our safety process and all teammates are expected to contribute to improve the safety process in their work areas.

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Safety leadership at all levels of the organization influencing teammates to work safely.

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Protecting others

We are committed to protecting all customers, contractors and visitors while in our facilities.



Promptly and thoroughly investigating every Incident and near miss to determine its cause and implement corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

"Forget the Phone"

Safety doesn’t stop at our gates. We embrace our safety philosophy while conducting business on the road as well in our teammate’s personal lives. DJJ strongly discourages texting while driving and asks everyone to join our campaign against what has become a dangerous trend. Please do your part and “Forget the Phone” while driving.