We are the mill

We maximize your scrap revenue by customizing scrap management programs and providing mill direct shipments.

Mill direct shipments

We ship directly from your plant to the mill to maximize your profit. We have ferrous and non-ferrous consumers across North America, including Nucor, our parent company.  Nucor is the largest manufacturer of steel products in North America and is #120 in the Fortune 500 companies. 

Nucor Steel Mill Locations

A vast network to service your account

We collaborate with a vast network of partners to move scrap to steel mills, foundries and aluminum consumers around the world.

Network of Suppliers Map

Getting your scrap to the mill

We have the capacity to service ferrous and non-ferrous scrap producers all over North America. No matter where you are, we will be there.

Scrap Optimization

We separate different valued scrap materials, such as steel from aluminum, to increase your revenue.

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Transportation Equipment

Whether you need dump hoppers or trucks to transport your scrap, we will get it there.

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Processing Equipment

We have the tools needed to process your scrap, from balers to shredders.

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We work 24/7 to manage your scrap, working behind the scenes to make every process smooth and worry free.

Making scrap management easy


Transaction transparency

Our transaction systems offer enhanced reporting, the availability of real-time data, and increased visibility for DJJ’s customers and suppliers.

Easy access to information

Get online, real-time information about scrap via ScrapConnect. This provides current information on contracts, shipments, and payments 24/7.


Consolidated reporting

We present your data across multiple facilities in one convenient location. No more searching for your data when you can see all your facilities in one place.

Let's Do Business

Thank you for your interest in doing business with our Industrial Scrap Group. To contact us, please call us at (843) 388-1040 or fill out this form.