Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

We are the mill.

We maximize your scrap revenue by customizing scrap management programs and providing mill direct shipments.

Industrial Scrap Solutions

Mill direct shipments

The David J. Joseph Company ships industrial scrap directly from your plant to the mill to maximize your profit. We have ferrous and non-ferrous consumers across North America, including Nucor, our parent company. Nucor is the largest manufacturer of steel products in North America and is #120 in the Fortune 500 companies.

Nucor Steel Mill Locations

A vast network to service your account

We collaborate with a vast network of partners to move industrial scrap to steel mills, foundries, and aluminum consumers around the globe. We offer a unique mill-direct approach backed by 24 Nucor steel mills that operate the cleanest steelmaking technology in the world.

Serving industries across the world

Our experience partnering with a diverse profile of industries prepares us to tackle any project with the necessary insight to optimize industrial scrap brokerage and transportation solutions for virtually anyone. Auto manufacturing OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, HVAC and other appliance manufacturers, tube and pipe industries, steel service centers, metal fabricators, machine shops, and tool and die manufacturers are just a few of the sectors we work with every day.

Network of Suppliers Map

Getting your scrap to the mill

For decades, we have been servicing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap producers across North America with a robust network of over 60 recycling facilities. We are a world leader in scrap metal brokerage with a track record for exceptional service and attention to detail

Fully customizable industrial scrap solutions

We believe in industrial metal management that keeps you at the center of the process. We handle all equipment, hauling, disposal, and any other required service to create a closed-loop, revenue-enhancing scrap program that eliminates middlemen and lowers our customers’ carbon footprint.

Scrap Optimization

We separate different valued scrap materials, such as steel from aluminum, to increase your revenue.

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Transportation Equipment

Whether you need dump hoppers or trucks to transport your scrap, we will get it there.

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Processing Equipment

We have the tools needed to process your scrap, from balers to shredders.

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We work 24/7 to manage your industrial scrap, working behind the scenes to make every process smooth and worry free.

Making scrap management easy


Transaction transparency

Our transaction systems offer enhanced reporting, the availability of real-time data, and increased visibility for DJJ’s customers and suppliers.

Easy access to information

Get online, real-time information about industrial scrap via ScrapConnect. This provides current information on contracts, shipments, and payments 24/7.


Consolidated reporting

We present your data across multiple facilities in one convenient location. No more searching for your data when you can see all your facilities in one place.

Committed to Sustainability

Industrial metal recycling preserves the philosophy of taking care of what we have been given. We create opportunities for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and improve revenue through the streamlining of their scrap programs. With clean processing facilities located across the United States, we optimize transportation to reduce costs while optimizing the quality of service in a closed-loop metal recycling system.

Let's Do Business

Interested in industrial scrap recycling through the David J. Joseph company? Streamline your industrial scrap needs and work with a company dedicated to excellence and sustainability. Contact us or call us at (843) 388-1040 to get in touch with a representative and let’s get work together.