DJJ Employee at Office

From the office to the field.

I know what you're thinking. Piles of junk, muddy boots, cranes, bulldozers, barking dogs. It's been portrayed hundreds of times in the movies. Why would anyone want to work in scrap metal?

It's not what you think. What we do is innovative and influenced by global events. Where we do it ranges from the board room to the scrap yard to the trading office. Every employee at The David J. Joseph Company prides themselves on doing what it takes to get the job done, regardless of their location or work environment.

Working in our Corporate Office

Downtown Cincinnati is our home, and we employ professionals and administrative staff in all career areas here. The culture at our headquarters is relaxed and family-like. We are given autonomy, and the company trusts us to make decisions to better the company. We don’t believe in red tape. We believe every employee has the knowledge, skill and intelligence to make us successful.

DJJ Employees at Work in Office

Working in our Brokerage Office

Fast-paced and dynamic. That’s the best way to describe one of our brokerage locations. These small offices are staffed by 3-5 professionals responsible for buying and selling scrap metal around the world. Our brokers are usually not too far from their phone, and quite frequently are on the road visiting their customers and our operations facilities.

DJJ Brokerage Professional

Working in our Operations

Whether it’s a scrap recycling center or a self-service used auto parts location, our operations team is dedicated to performance and safety. We believe in working hard to get the job done right the first time, and with the utmost respect paid to maintaining an environment where every employee can be confident they will return safely home at the end of the day. We employ both management professionals and hourly employees in these locations.

DJJ Employee in Scrap Yard

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