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Your skills will transfer here.

Are you looking to work with your hands and use your leadership skills to manage a team? Or do you want to apply your logic and critical thinking skills to improve our global operations? Regardless, The David J. Joseph Company is one of the few organizations that offers a variety of jobs with transferrable skills for almost any military veteran.

Put your leadership, global experience and work ethic to work for us, and we'll reward you with exceptional benefits and compensation, as well as the opportunity to grow your career.

Michelle, IT Support Engineer
In 2007, I transitioned from the military back to being a civilian and shortly afterwards was employed by The David J. Joseph Company. Eleven years later, I am truly grateful for what this company has given to me. I never thought that I would feel the camaraderie that I experienced in the military again. I was proven wrong when DJJ took me under their wing, and ever since, has treated me as part of the ‘family’. I was given the opportunity to become a successful asset to the company, which gave me the determination and confidence that continues to drive me to this day.

Military Veteran Working

Chris, Management Trainee
Transitioning from the military is always a stressful time; however, I have found over the past six months that choosing a career with The David J. Joseph Company was the best decision I’ve made. Their dedication to their employees and their future is incomparable, and I know without a doubt I have a promising future here.

Military Veteran in Helicopter

Sean, Management Trainee
The David J. Joseph Company has been incredible in supporting my military transition. Their management trainee program has provided me the tools to become a successful leader outside of the military. The camaraderie shared amongst the DJJ family is reminiscent of my time in the Army. We all watch each other’s backs, and share a common goal in accomplishing our mission, safely and efficiently. Many of the skills I have developed over 10 years of military service have translated at DJJ. From personnel & operations management, to the accountability and maintenance of million dollar pieces of equipment. This has given me an advantage in transitioning into a new career field.

Military Veteran Management Trainee