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To be in business for 130 years requires that we do more than good work.

It also requires that we do good.

From working with fire and police departments to community partnerships with programs like the United Way, Junior Achievement, People Working Cooperatively and Ronald McDonald House, we’re committed to being good neighbors in the communities in which we do business.

  • We work actively with local law enforcement and fire departments to protect our communities. To combat metal theft and deter stolen scrap from being brought into any of our recycling facilities, we use a computerized imaging system that captures every transaction. It provides
    police with an easy way to identify suspect
  • We also support community fire departments. For example, we provide space and vehicles for firefighters training with the “Jaws of Life”.

Safer for the planet.  And your neighborhood.

Of all the relationships we’ve built over the past 130 years, we are most proud of our work with local law enforcement.  All across the nation, our employees are teaming up with local police officers and elected officials to tackle the important issue of combating metal theft. For starters, we digitally record every single transaction in our facilities. Police use this information to identify suspects and help keep crime out of our communities.

Working with communities…and the people who protect them.

We are deeply rooted in the communities where we do business and are respected for our integrity.  Community residents and leaders know we have strict standards for what materials we’ll accept at our facilities. For example, we have the most comprehensive radiation detection system in the industry and have received awards for our performance in this field.

We make it easy for customers to drop off ferrous or nonferrous scrap and get paid quickly and reliably. We also help communities maximize their tax base, while minimizing their local environmental footprint.

There are lots of awards being handed out in business these days, but none more important than these.

Our environmental, safety and other certifications: