An original…

  in the world of recycling

In the scrap recycling industry, DJJ has a well-earned reputation for integrity and innovation. We’re recognized as a good community citizen who is trustworthy, financially strong and environmentally proactive. Since 1885, we’ve followed the principles of our founder Joseph Joseph. And become one of the most respected leaders in the industry.

Today, we have relationships with several thousand scrap metal businesses around the world. Businesses that trust us to provide value beyond price.  Our customers know we deliver what we promise. Sellers know we pay fairly and on time.  Here’s what else sets us apart:

  • A global brokerage team dedicated exclusively to the scrap metal market.
  • The industry’s most advanced network of ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling centers dedicated to responsibly recycling this valuable resource.
  • One of the largest independent fleets of railcars in the business, ensuring reliable, timely delivery.
  • Scrap Management provides the industrial companies with customized programs and ships directly to the mill to maximize the revenue received for their scrap metal generated.
  • A family of self-serve used auto parts stores that save do-it-yourselfers money while helping save the environment.

We’re a world leader in scrap processing and trading. And we’re not only helping change old metal back into new, we’re also changing misperceptions of what a scrap company can do… and be.