The David J. Joseph Company’s Metals Group (DJJ) and JW Aluminum are pleased to announce that effective January 21, 2013, JW Aluminum is utilizing DJJ as the primary scrap buying agent for the Mt. Holly, South Carolina aluminum manufacturing facility.  JW Aluminum will continue to source scrap directly from the marketplace for its other three manufacturing facilities.

“We are excited to announce the agency agreement with JW Aluminum, who has been a business partner for over three decades” said Terry Rath, Vice President of DJJ’s Metals Group.  “This agency agreement brings a variety of benefits to JW Aluminum.  In addition to DJJ’s financial strength and global sourcing of quality raw materials, JW Aluminum is assured quality supply at competitive costs, with administrative efficiencies and logistics expertise.”  This will allow JW Aluminum to focus on expanding their role as the leading aluminum rolled products company in the world.

This agency relationship also presents significant marketing, administrative and support service benefits to JW Aluminum’s scrap suppliers including:

• Access to DJJ’s team of experienced global scrap buyers, logistics experts and customer service reps in North America.

• Timely price updates and a variety of contract pricing options.

• Supplier access to, DJJ’s online commerce portal giving suppliers prompt access to shipment information, settlement details and payment information.

• Flexible payment terms, including access to DJJFastPay, allowing suppliers the freedom to choose when they want to be paid for their shipments.

• Enhanced logistics management utilizing an automated freight tendering system which helps identify the most efficient freight hauler.  This system also provides service metrics to track the quality of pickup and delivery of DJJ’s scrap products.

• Freight optimization and improvements with JW’s receiving process providing more predictable and flexible delivery appointment options throughout each month.

This scrap agency agreement demonstrates a step toward The David J. Joseph Company strengthening its relationships with scrap consumers and suppliers through customer service excellence and value added services, and JW Aluminum’s commitment to producing and developing the highest quality aluminum products for its customers—always meeting their exact needs and specifications.

About JW Aluminum

Founded in 1979, JW Aluminum manufactures specialty flat-rolled aluminum products including “fin stock” used by the heating and cooling industry, light gauge converter foil for the flexible packaging industry, honeycomb foil for the aerospace industry, bare and painted sheet products for window coverings and the building and construction markets, and other foil and sheet products.   JW Aluminum operates four state-of-the-art facilities strategically located throughout the country—in Mt. Holly, SC, St. Louis, MO, Russellville, AR and Williamsport, PA.

About DJJ

DJJ is uniquely qualified to act as aluminum scrap buying agent for JW Aluminum.  The Joseph Company, founded in 1885, is one of the largest scrap brokers/processors in the United States providing scrap brokerage, recycling and transportation services. DJJ’s Metals Group has a proven track record of integrity, reliability, accountability, financial strength, and maintaining a high level of customer service.   In fact, in 2012 DJJ was named as “Aluminum Scrap Supplier of the Year”.  The 2012 Aluminum Excellence Awards program recognized companies for efforts to improve competitiveness and demonstrate excellence in their operations.

As one of the largest global scrap brokers, DJJ trades extensively in international markets, and operates offices in Hong Kong and Switzerland.  DJJ operates six regional scrap recycling companies across the U.S. which includes a network of nearly 70 facilities.  DJJ’s recycling facilities combined with DJJ’s comprehensive domestic U.S. and international coverage ensures JW Aluminum the proper flow of aluminum scrap.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, The Company employs over 2,300.  DJJ operates 15 domestic and international ferrous and nonferrous scrap brokerage offices, and trades ferro-alloys and specialty pig iron.  DJJ also operates 9 self-serve used auto parts stores. The David J. Joseph Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation.  Nucor and affiliates are manufacturers of steel products, with operating facilities primarily in the US and Canada.