On May 12, 2011, five of Advantage Metals Recycling’s (AMR) scrap metal recycling facilities received the prestigious 2011 Corporate Safety Award from The Safety Council of the Ozarks, a regional branch of the National Safety Council. The criteria for this award are based on three years of AMR’s safety information compared to the industry averages. The five award winning yards are located in Emporia and Topeka, Kansas and Clarence, Linn Creek and Kansas City (Manchester Trafficway), Missouri.

These Advantage Metals Recycling scrap facilities buy common household ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal items like automobiles, appliances, sheet metal, aluminum cans and other aluminum, copper and brass products. Customers are paid on site for their scrap metal. These recycling facilities offer customers a safe, clean, quick facility equipped with the state-of-the art technology. AMR works to create an environment safe from industrial and environmental hazards for both our employees and our customers. Safety is always a priority for AMR. By taking a proactive approach to safety, rather than a reactive approach, Advantage Metals Recycling reduces accidents, and can prevent them altogether.

Congratulations to Advantage Metals Recycling employees and management teams at these five facilities for their continued commitment to safety and receiving this important safety award.

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