The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ), the Cincinnati-based global scrap broker, processor and logisticsprovider, is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The company traces its roots back to the mid 19th century, when German immigrant Joseph Joseph started a hide and fur trading business in Cincinnati.  Shortly thereafter, when his brother Samuel joined him in the business,   he formed The Joseph Joseph and Brothers Company, and scrap metal became the primary focus of the family business on Front Street in Cincinnati.  Who would have guessed, back in 1885, that Joseph Joseph’s small emerging scrap business would grow into the leading global scrap broker, processor and logistics provider that DJJ is today?


After the death of his father, David J. Joseph became manager of the company’s entire scrap operation.  And on January 1, 1921 David Joseph renamed The Joseph Joseph and Brothers Company as The David J. Joseph Company. Since the early 1900’s, The David J. Joseph Company has played an integral role in the evolution of the recycling industry in America. DJJ was active in recycling long before “going green” and recycling became household words.   The company has ingrained into its culture the understanding that environmental stewardship is equal with all other business critical functions.  The David J. Joseph Company is committed to operating its facilities and businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.
Today, DJJ holds a prestigious role as the oldest, full-service scrap company in the U.S.  DJJ has over a billion in assets, and a strong equity base with no debt.  DJJ’s parent is Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE), based in Charlotte, NC.  Nucor is the leading purchaser of ferrous scrap and the largest steel producer and recycler in North America.

The David J. Joseph Company supplies scrap, scrap substitutes, ferro alloys and nonferrous metals to steel producers, foundries, and aluminum smelters, sourcing materials from its own scrap processing facilities and others from around the world. As one of the largest global scrap brokers, DJJ trades extensively in international markets.  DJJ operates 15 ferrous and nonferrous metals brokerage offices, including offices in Hong Kong and Switzerland.  The company’s seasoned team of brokers have earned a reputation of being fair and professional, and trade over 20 million tons of ferrous scrap and a half billion pounds of nonferrous scrap annually.

Today, DJJ operates 60 scrap processing facilities throughout the U.S., with 15 of the plants focusing on automobile shredding and metal sortation technology and processes. DJJ’s separation technology maximizes the volume of metals recovered and recycled, preserving and protecting our environment.  At its processing yards, DJJ takes old scrap metal items, like those found  around thehouse  – – appliances, sheet metal, automobiles, aluminum cans and other aluminum, copper and brass products – – and processes them into a product that the company sells to steel mills and aluminum smelters.  DJJ operates 6 regional scrap processing companies:  Advantage Metals Recycling, Metal Recycling Services, River Metals Recycling, Texas Port Recycling, Trademark Metals Recycling, and Western Metals Recycling.  Combined, the facilities have well over 5 million tons of processing and sortation capacity. DJJ annually recycles millions of tons of material that might otherwise be discarded.

In addition, DJJ operates 7 U-Pull-&-Pay stores:  do it yourself auto parts retail operations.  After customers have removed many of the car parts at these stores,the harvested auto hulks are crushed and sent to DJJ operated shredding yards.

Although best known as a broker and metal processor, The David J. Joseph Company also provides custom railcar purchase or lease packages to industrial rail users.  DJJ operates one of the larger private railcar fleets in the US to help deliver its traded commodities to customers.  In addition, DJJ’s specialty services go beyond transportation.  For more than two decades DJJ has been developing tailored programs for steel mills to minimize liquid steel costs while maximizing our customer’s productivity and profitability.

At DJJ, safety is a top priority.   DJJ’s comprehensive safety process includes ongoing training and procedures to ensure the safety of all employees, customers, and suppliers.

According to Keith Grass, President and CEO of The David J. Joseph Company since 2000, “The David J. Joseph Company has come a long way since our humble beginnings 125 years ago.  Our global coverage, market knowledge, technology and industry expertise are unique.  Honesty, reliability, dependability and strong customer relationships have been, and will continue to be, the cornerstones of our business.”  He added, “We recognize that our success depends on the commitments of our people, our most valuable asset.  The continued growth and success of our family of companies can be attributed solely to the skill and dedication of our employees.”

Since 1982, the company has been headquartered in the American Book Building at 300 Pike Street in Cincinnati, close to where the company was originally founded 125 years ago.  The American Book Building has been awarded the Energy Star Award designation for energy efficiency.

DJJ employs 300 people in the greater Cincinnati area and over 2,000 people worldwide.  In addition to the Pike Street Headquarter location, other Cincinnati area locations include River Metals Recycling locations in Crescent Springs, KY, Newport, KY, and State Avenue in Lower Price Hill, and also operates a U-Pull-&-Pay retail store on Seymour Avenue in Carthage.

The Company is actively engaged in community and philanthropic giving, perpetuating a tradition established by Joseph Joseph, which has continued throughout the decades.  

Today, DJJ celebrates its success in scrap brokerage, processing and transportation services, thanks in large part to the skill and dedication of all of the employees… past and present…and looks forward to the next 125 years.

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