• Optimizing Industrial Scrap Metal Revenue


The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ) works closely with you, the customer, to customize programs – whether you choose to ship your material via railcar, dump trailer, roll offs or lugger boxes – and provide mill direct shipments to maximize the revenue you receive for the industrial scrap metal generated. DJJ’s industrial customer list includes most automobile manufacturers, suppliers of components to the auto industry, manufacturers of appliances, agricultural equipment, electric motors and switchgear and many other Fortune 500 industrial companies.

DJJ’s Engineering, Metallurgical, Transportation, Marketing and Technological experts work together to help you get the most competitive pricing for your ferrous and non-ferrous material.

  • Utilizing nearly 60 DJJ recycling facilities and collaborating with leading local recycling companies, we can meet your scrap metal recycling needs.
  • DJJ has a competitive edge in finding buyers for your scrap, thanks to our long-standing relationships with steel mills and foundries across North America and around the globe.
  • In fact, DJJ has been a broker of ferrous scrap to Nucor since 1969. DJJ joined the Nucor family in 2008.
  • With some of the best logistics expertise in the industry, our dedicated staff arranges timely, reliable and personalized transportation service and has roll-off containers for immediate delivery.
  • DJJ’s transaction systems offer enhanced reporting, the availability of real-time data, and increased visibility for DJJ’s customers and suppliers.
  • We offer online, real-time information about scrap shipped via ScrapConnect.This provides current information on contracts, shipments and payments, 24/7, reducing the amount of time spent finding data.

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